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The Fish Fish fruit also possibly explains why Kaido couldnt drown. We finally know kaidos devil fruit.

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17+ kaido devil fruit. This is why people call him a Thing rather than a person and the reason hes obsessed with suicide is because the host is attempting to kill itself to be free. While this is highly possible I dont think that is the case. Perhaps the greatest sign of Kaidos strength is his inability to die.

Kaido looks quite dangerous in this form. We still dont know if Kaidou is a devil fruit user or if he as any kind of power but his Wikiapage says the following. Here is another video just for you Have a wonderful day and see you later.

If there is a remote chance diving from a sky island that one can collide with the Earth and survive that a rope will snap or a guillotine will crack in an attempted execution the odds are always in. What if Beast Kaido isnt an Oni-Oni or human who ate the dragon Devil Fruit but is a real dragon from the past. He is a fish fish mythical zoan.

He has been caught and tortured 18 times and people have attempted to execute him 40 times. One Piece 999 spoilers will also make it clear whether Kaido or any user of a Zoan Fish devil fruit can swim or not. While much details have not been revealed at this stage fans are speculating that.

They have all the Zoan sub-classes Ancient Mythical and Artificial in their organization but appear to lack the standard Zoan type. Kaidos Devil Fruit Powers. The simplest answer is that he purchased a Devil Fruit for her.

TAKE CAREE Follow Me on Instagram. Were back again to break down the Japanese references in this chapter including why Kaido is a fish of all thingsThumbnail artwork. The Uo Uo no Mi Model.

Kaido has eaten the Fish Fish devil fruit. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity Kaidos devil fruit was finally revealed in chapter 999 of One Piece.

Shes Kaidos daughter. Seiryu23 is a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to transform into a hybrid and full version of an Azure Dragon at will. Ever since Kaidos dragon form was revealed in One Piece fans have been speculating if Momonosuku and Kaido had the same devil fruits.

Chapter 999 changed everything. Ope Ope no Mi A lot of fans believe that the Ope Ope no Mi is the strongest Devil Fruit in the series and they have a lot of evidence to back that claim. It was eaten by Kaidou1At some point after Kaidou had partaken of the fruit he had a sample of his Lineage Factor extracted by Vegapunk who used it to create an artificial Devil Fruit granting the same ability though the.

Original Devil Fruit Of Kaido Revealed. Kaido may have wanted to bargain the Devil Fruit to Teach in exchange for something valuable to him be it and item or a service. Kaido has never been named human but simply creature or thing.

Kaido is called a creature There has to be some significance to this statement. Kaido possesses the mythical devil fruit Yokai and the body we see is simply one he is possessing. If Teach did want the Devil Fruit Yamato consumed it would create a connection between Yamato and the Blackbeard.

Ths is also connected to the life debt that the yonko owes Big Mom. This video will explain the history behind this devil r. Though lucky or extremely meticulous fans had managed to guess it right the reveal blindsided the majority of fandom who were expecting Kaido to be a dragon or atleast have consumed a Dragon Dragon fruit.

Whether Kaido is a dragon that ate a human fruit as some theorize or much more likely a human who ate a mythical zoan I believe his power bestows upon him incredible good fortune in battle. Why postulate experiments by Caesar or Queen when Devil Fruits are. Kaido is someone that we know wants an all Devil Fruit crew.

The Devil Fruit has fairly high offensive power but it isnt enough to cause damage to Kaidos body. After reading the chapter I bet most of you think that Kaido has a Mythical Zoan Dragon Devil Fruit. They have the largest number of Zoan fruit users in a single organization with 9 natural Devil Fruit users 11 if the traitorous X Drake and rebellious Yamato are included plus over 500 Gifters.

Yamatos Devil Fruit is likely a Mythical Zoan variant so that could be why Kaido acquired it. Well it technically is impossible for two devil fruits of the same type to co-exist at any given time naturally. It should be noted that Eiichiro Oda says that devil fruit makes you heavy in water so you cant swim but fish and merman can still breath and hence they wont die such as Jack who was alive after drowning.

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