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You can find me seated on my throne in Hell with chocolate cake as I relish the screams of the damned. Sounds perfect Wahhhh I dont wanna.

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Independant RP and ask blog for Portgas D Ace of One Piece.

20+ portgas d ace tumblr. The shoulder straps are actually made out of golden silk that look like thorns and the waist strap is brown silk with a little bit of gold silk mixed in that also looking like thorns and the rose is red and the necklace is a single leaf the gold on the arms are metal tho sleeves are semi see thorough. El Instituto Grand Line Vol. Ace from Ace Novel 3 part 22.

If they are they will be labeled as such. Ace Climbing up Mount Colubo was an interesting experience to say the least. Ask Away theme 1103 Next Do you ever just crave someones presence.

Please dont copy my work its Peter Pan themed prom dress. 15M ratings 277k ratings See thats what the app is perfect for. Your just jealous cause Striker looks a hell of a lot cooler than your dumb dragon decal carpool van.

PortgasAnswer anonask answered portgas d. Sabo is a night owl and loves sleeping in late. This asshole cowboy wannabe is 1000000 a harley davidson.

Ace Mila 23 Demi Reblogging everything I like regarding my favorite character of all time Posts. On a more serious note nonnie I have a toxic individual who is trying to contact me who are aware of this blog hence why I didnt answer this question. Surely not exhausting since Garp gave her a piggy-back ride all the way to the top.

Discover more posts about portgas-d-ace. Parenting would come effortlessly to Ace hes a natural at taking care of a babytoddler Ace. In an AU where they would be fathers theyd act quite differently.

Law x Luffy LawLu One Piece doujinshi trafalgar Law monkey d. See a recent post on Tumblr from vemuabhi about portgas d ace x reader. Once he cooled down a bit after a week of assholery and avoiding you hed eventually talk to you normally again.

Ace _____ _____ _____ Blog dedicated to my number one favorite character in One Piece. Ace acelu ace x luffy bl shonen ai. Todos los créditos respectivos a su autora éste será el primer volumen de varios que irá publicando la.

Apr 13 2016 – Tumblr is a place to express yourself discover yourself and bond over the stuff you love. Idea based on itachi-anon sasuke-uchiha-anon naruto-uzumaki-anon and orochimaru-anon monkeydluffy-anon So thanks for the idea and go. Discover more posts about portgas-dace-gif.

More than Words Volumen 1 Artista. Discover more posts about portgas d ace icons. Its where your interests connect you with your people.

Via one-piece-sister 975. Originally posted by friendly-deatheater. Uhyaaa Lets go to the beach Ace.

See a recent post on Tumblr from animespeak about portgas-d-ace. Each to his own child. Hed act like a bit of an asshole to you over the next few days and if you brought up the injury hed snap at you for getting in his way.

Ένα παγκάκι στην παλιά μου γειτονιά σε μια κατηφόρα προς τον Βαρδάρη στην οδό Ειρήνης με Αγίου Δημητρίου. This is a roleplayask blog where I will answer as I think Ace will answer. Discover more posts about portgas d ace x reader.

Ace portgas anon one piece one piece anon special guest. See a recent post on Tumblr from animiconz about portgas d ace icons. Ace can wake up at any time and feel great and ready to go.


Whitebeard Pirates Second Division Commander.

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Portgas D Ace Tumblr

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