10+ Ganondorf Matchup Chart

10+ Ganondorf Matchup Chart. Web placed 13th at the amuka smash cup, 65th at get on my level 2019, and 97th at both frostbite 2019 and frostbite 2020 with wins on players such as jw, smokk,. Web my ganondorf matchup chart with tiers unordered.

Totally legit Ganondorf matchup tier list SmashBrosUltimate
Totally legit Ganondorf matchup tier list SmashBrosUltimate from www.reddit.com

Web compare ganon’s nair to dr. Web 17 statistics the chart shows this character’s most frequent matchups, and also the most favorable ones based on win rate. Web been competing in ssbu as solo ganondorf for over a year now, and i figured it was about time for me to make a matchup chart.

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#buffthedorf lavose • 3 yr. Web me when the 17 year old king k. However, i will argue that samus is waay more even than listed:

Find Weak And Strong Matchups For Ganondorf.

Ganondorf matchup chart win rate 0% 100%. Side b can be used to go through her missiles, you can. Web ganondorf matchup chart.

Sorry For The Bad Quality And I Am Willing To Discuss Any Of My Placements Or Possible Orders Within The Tiers.

This time, i’ve removed most mu charts created before patch 11.0.0. Any opinions are helpful and appreciated, and once there's a consensus. Web ganondorf's super smash bros.

Ultimate Tier Match Ups Best Match Dr.

Web 80 rows ganondorf's super smash bros. That sums up the whole experience. This is a much longer video as.

Web 16 Kingoftin • 3 Yr.

If you want to view some. Web version 4 of my matchup chart compilation is here, featuring various notable players. If you want to view.